• Removals for individuals

  • Our company relies on its 25 years of experience to provide you with a quality service.

    We are at your disposal throughout the move for:

    - Answering your questions

    - Giving you valuable advice

    - Take care of the routing of all your belongings.

    If you choose to have us pack your belongings for you, you should know that the MSL removal teams take care of private removals on a daily basis, and will respect your privacy and provide meticulous work.

    We have an insurance policy in Zürich which insures all damages or claims. 

    By coming to your home, we can offer you the formula best suited to your situation.

    It all starts with a request for an estimate, after which our consultant will call you to make an appointment to draw up a reliable and accurate estimate with a guaranteed amount.


    Quote request form for individuals