• Our furniture repositories: Fenil-sur-Corsier and Saint-Légier

  • With more than 1000 m2 of storage space in Fénil/Corsier and Saint-Légier, you have the possibility to store your objects and furniture in one of our furniture storage facilities on a short (a few days) or long term (several years) basis.

    Reasons for storage

    • Lack of space available (like a piece of furniture ...).
    • Unforeseen events (e.g. floods and works).
    • Absence for a certain period (transfer abroad ...).
    • Waiting period for the new accommodation.

    Furniture storage = Security of your belongings

    In partnership with Securitas Direct

    Dry wooden box

    From 10 to 25 m3

    Container rental

    We also have containers with a capacity of 30 m3.

    How much space do I need?

    We suggest you detail the furniture, their number, type... It's a way to know more precisely your cubage.

    Rate for renting a storage unit

    We invite you to contact us so that we can provide you with a free estimate of the volume you wish to store with no obligation!

    Quote request form for furniture storage